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Consider applying to the PSF for your python workshops. Apply for a grant
under Outreach & Education. I did that to cover food for the workshops I

If you are interested in non-robotics python classes, there is curriculum
already available for Young Coders. Katie Cunningham has done those at
various pycons. She suggests starting with >= 12 and up due to keyboard
speed being a problem with younger children.


I don't have time to do more workshops, but back when I was, I thought it
would be neat to apply for  PSF O&E grant to do a Young Coders (and maybe
ask for funds to cover the cost of Katie Cunningham or someone with
experience already doing Young Coders to come out to Chicago to help run
one. When doing a workshop for the first time, it's nice to have mentors
helping in person. Jessica McKeller was going to fly out for the first
Chicago Python Workshop I did, but something came up and she couldn't make
it. Fortunately there are a lot of great people in Chicago who can help,
and Naomi Ceder helped out. She has experience teaching a lot of age ranges
(in my case, adults).

also, Carl just helped out with Hak4kids, and they have a worksheet for
lessons that are less than an hour. I think they'd be good for any of the
mini-maker fairs we have around the city. This is one:

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