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Subject: Fwd: Predictive Analytics using Python class - July 11/12
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This is the email I sent.  Can you forward it to Chicago at Python.org on my

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Subject: Predictive Analytics using Python class - July 11/12
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Hi ChiPy Members,

It was an absolute pleasure to host the last MeetUp, and thank you all for
attending.  The speaker, Adam McElhinney, sincerely appreciated the
audience turnout and the discussion.

As I shared in the MeetUp, on July 11 and 12 (this weekend), we are
conducting the Predictive Analytics class using Python.  It will be held at
the same location, TechNexus
N. Upper Wacker Drive).  The class is $750, and below this email you will
find the curriculum.  If you cannot make it this weekend, and you would
prefer a different weekend, please let me know that as well.  You can email
me at Nusreth.Baig at gmail.com
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','Nusreth.Baig at gmail.com');> or
Nusreth at BigShouldersDataCamp.com.  Feel free to call me at 847-867-4349
with any questions you have.

Please forward this info to anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you,

Day 1StartEndTopicItemDuration (hrs)Total9:00 AM9:15 AMIntroWelcome, Intros
and Agenda0.250.259:15 AM9:30 AMIntroWarm-up challenge/Review of Python0.25
0.59:30 AM9:45 AMIntroWhy Python for Predictive Analytics0.250.759:45 AM10:00
AMScikitIntro0.25110:00 AM10:15 AMScikitCleaning Data0.251.2510:15 AM10:30
AMScikitSummarizing Data0.251.510:30 AM10:45 AMBreakBreak0.251.7510:45 AM11:15
AMScikitExcercise 10.52.2511:15 AM11:45 AMScikitFitting Models -- Normal
Regression0.52.7511:45 AM12:15 PMScikitFitting Models -- Penalized
Regression0.53.2512:15 PM1:15 PMBreakLunch14.251:15 PM2:15 PMScikitExcercise
215.252:15 PM2:45 PMScikitVariable Reduction -- stepwise selection0.55.752:45
PM3:00 PMBreakBreak0.2563:00 PM3:30 PMScikitClassification -- kNeighbors0.5
6.53:30 PM4:00 PMScikitClassification -- Niave Bayes0.574:00 PM5:00 PM
ScitkitExcercise 318Day 2StartEndTopicItemDuration (hrs)Total9:00 AM9:15 AM
SpeedCython0.250.259:15 AM9:30 AMSpeedPyPy0.250.59:30 AM10:30 AMpySpark
pySpark11.510:30 AM10:45 AMBreakBreak0.251.7510:45 AM11:15 AMOrangeIntro to
Orange0.52.2511:15 AM12:00 PMExcercise 4Excercise 40.75312:00 PM1:00 PMBreak
Lunch141:00 PM1:15 PMCompetition!Description of problem0.254.251:15 PM4:15
PMCompetition!Execution37.254:15 PM5:00 PMCompetition!Judging0.758

Brian Ray
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