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[image: robot picture]   job posting for ChiPy...
Science Education Start-up Seeks Python Dev / Sysadmin Our team is building
Planetary Laboratory, a platform to help museums, zoos, environmental
groups, and NSF-funded research labs connect with classrooms everyday. We
provide youth with fun interactive science projects and learning media.
(See tinyurl.com/PlanetLabInfo for more information). We are completing MVP
in August for beta-testing in Chicago schools this Fall. We are seeking a
part-time / contractual Python developer with experience building RESTful
API’s for responsive web applications. We are looking for someone who has
an interest in joining our founding team--the ideal person should be
dedicated to citizen science, school improvement, + engaging youth and
teachers. The framework for the MVP (minimum viable product) back-end has
already been laid out. Our web stack is Python, Flask and PostgreSQL. Our
code is hosted on GitHub, deployed to Heroku and tested with Travis CI. We
store static assets (user-uploaded or otherwise) in Amazon S3 and
distribute them via Amazon CloudFront. GITHUB LINK
https://github.com/freedomgames/Planet-Lab If you are interested, please
write to: eve.louise.tulbert at gmail.com
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radha.ramachdran at gmail.com
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Qualifications: • 2+ years of experience with Python and Flask or similar
web frameworks • Experience building RESTful APIs • Strong SQL and database
knowledge, preferably with SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL • Experience with
Heroku and Amazon Web Services, particularly S3 and CloudFront • Experience
using version control, preferably Git • Understanding of code best
practices and standards — we love unit testing and Pylint

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