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Hey Carl!
Thank You so much for doing this so well for so long for our little
"hobbyist group" ;)
It is almost 10 years since you started -- isn't it ?

It is a tribute both to you and to your technology (lots of python) that so
many people seem to think that
your productions and web hosting are paid professional work.
We owe you LOTS of thanks for your work.

I'm sure that the ChiPy videos on PyVideo have played a big part in the
explosive growth of both ChiPy, in Chicago, and Python, in the world.


On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 5:52 PM, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com>

> I need to correct some things.
> I am not a team.  I am a chipy member that has a ton of gear and
> expertise.  I  likes making videos of things like chipy talks.   For larger
> events like PyCon I will assemble a team of volunteers for that event.
> There is a group of about 6 of us that work together on the software and
> workflow.  I am the only one that lives in the US.  They generally don't
> know ChiPy happens unless we are experimenting with the live stream system.
> I feel uncomfortable saying I charge money for doing chipy videos.  That
> implies I am making videos because I think it is profitable and won't if I
> don't get paid.  I am comfortable saying I will sell add space on the front
> of the video, and will spend the money on whatever I feel like. In the last
> 12 months,  I have collected a total of about $1000.  ChiPy took out 20%.
> I have a for profit LLC.  It makes the PyCon expense reimbursement process
> 100x easier.  I could be a 501c3, but my accountant said "don't bother, you
> are not making enough money for it to be worth the paperwork."
> Here is what I "charge" to setup my PA system and do video:
> Find three companies and collect some amount to have their logo put on the
> title of the video.
> For the how and why details: http://whiteboard.debian.net/34c94c.txt2
> On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM, Jimmy Calahorrano via Chicago <
> chicago at python.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we are looking for a company that would be willing to sponsor the video
>> production for next meeting.
>> Next meeting will cover Spark which is becoming a hot topic these days.
>> The first company that offers 200 USD will have it's logo included at the
>> beginning of the video and it will be the sole sponsor for the video
>> There are 2 video production teams at this time helping ChiPy, the first
>> is Carl's team and the second is my team. We help based in our availability.
>> We don't charge any money for this, however we rely on support from
>> companies that can help us paying for parking, editing costs and
>> mobilization of the equipment.
>> Thanks,
>> Jimmy
>> Agenda for new meeting:
>>    - *PyCon 2015 Review*
>>    (0:05:00 Minutes)
>>    By: Jason Wirth
>>    - *Introduction to PySpark*
>>    (1:00:00 Minutes)
>>    By: Nusreth Baig
>>    Big Shoulders Data Camp presents an “Introduction to PySpark”. One of
>>    our top instructors and data scientists, Adam McElhinney, will be giving a
>>    talk on working with PySpark, and presenting a use case. Audience is
>>    encouraged to come prepared to take notes, ask questions, and get a
>>    high-level understanding on one of Python's many analytical libraries.
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