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Wed Oct 14 04:27:27 CEST 2015

Hey all,

ChiPy is still looking for submissions for a ChiPy T-shirt design. I've
also created a page <http://www.chipy.org/pages/tshirts/> on the ChiPy
website so you can easily share the details of the competition with your

To submit, I've created a dropbox location to upload files to. Note: you do
not need a Dropbox account to submit.


If you are looking for inspiration, see some of the examples below from
recent Python-related T-shirts.

   - Djangocon 2015
   - OpenStack T-Shirt Contest
   - Django 1.7 Release Shirt <https://teespring.com/django17-v2>
   - Django 1.8 Release Shirt

We look forward to seeing your designs!

On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 11:06 PM, Joe Jasinski <joe.jasinski at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> ChiPy is planning on creating an official ChiPy T-shirt, and we are
> looking for your help!
> We'd like to open up the T-shirt design process to the ChiPy community
> (and friends) and make a contest of T-shirt design submissions.  Once we
> have enough artwork submissions, we as a ChiPy community will vote on the
> design that we'd like to print.
> The winner of the vote will win 2 free T-shirts with the design!   The
> winning design will be printed on the front of a white T-shirt.
> Here are the requirements for the artwork.  The artwork...
>  - should relate to the Python and ChiPy community (with the ChiPy name or
> logo)
>  - can use any number of colors
>  - should be in PDF or PNG file format at 300DPI. (EPS or AI file format
> would also work)
>  - should fit within a 12x12 inch print region
> Please email me your artwork submission and I look forward to seeing some
> creative ChiPy T-shirt designs!
> Joe
> --
> Joe J. Jasinski
> www.joejasinski.com

Joe J. Jasinski
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