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I see your point about the mailing list. Let's start with some private
emails between those who wish to organize these. I certainly do not need to
be organizer of the Scientific SIG but offered to at least get it rolling.
Once we get a core group of organizers (and yes Sheila I hope you can be
one), let's make these decisions as a group.


So, what I would really like to see is 3-5 core leaders of the Scientific
SIG. Some have reached out; however, I think the qualifications should be:

   - You have the time. It is time consuming to organize meetings
   - You are already connected, you know who to call about venues,
   sponsors, and speakers
   - You have a strong science background. IE you can provide guidance to
   members who are at graduate level science courses because they most likely
   will be many.
   - You have used Python for science for a long time. 3+ years
   - And, again, "you have time"  and can make it to most/all the monthly

If you fit these requirements, and you have not contacted me so far, please
let me know. We will start some private emails and the first meeting will
be focused on getting established for the next year to come.

This will be the Best ChiPy Scientific Python user group Ever!

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