[Chicago] Chicago Djangonauts Meetup Thursday 6:30pm at Braintree

Brian Moloney brian at imagescape.com
Tue Sep 1 17:50:24 CEST 2015

Braintree has graciously offered to host this week's Djangonauts
meetup at their Merchandise Mart location.  In addition, they will be
providing food and drink - which is awfully nice!  Besides the typical
energetic discussion of Django and related technologies, there are the
following talks:


1. All the Gain with Little of the Pain:
Why Most New Projects Should Implement a Custom User Model - Marlon Castillo

Substituting a custom User model for Django's default User model can
seem intimidating. I'll show you a simple 3 step method of
implementing a custom User model for a new project that's actually
quite easy to do and can provide tremendous benefits in flexibility
and customization.

2. Mongoengine Basics - Joe Jasinski

A walk through of MondoDB pymongo and mongoengine and how they can be
used in a production environment.

3. Django-based Autocompl... - Jonathan Bisson


Please RSVP.  It is required to get into the door!  Two options,
Facebook or NotFacebook:


http://www.chicagodjango.com (RSVP using the Contact Form in the footer)

Hope to see you there.

Brian Moloney

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