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I strongly recommend BAML is a great place to apply your python skills. I enjoyed working there. 
As weird coincidence just today i was checking exactly the same video, one of the comments  of that video points to the MDF data flow toolkit does anybody have experience with it? 
BAML has something similar that is proprietary as the video explains, I have personally used,  is a very impressive module.

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Hey Chipy,
I work at Bank of America as a Quartz developer, the bank's platform for managing trades, risk etc. developed in Python. We currently have a couple spots open on my team for developers and we are actively searching to fill those roles soon so I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone in the community is interested. 
Why this is fun...
It's hard to give an accurate view of Quartz in a couple lines but the platform is pretty unique. First, we work in the enterprise, so it's Python at scale and problems of scale. There's about 3,000 python developers spread across the world working on an open-source inspired code base with ~20MM lines of code -- viewable, searchable, editable to any developer on the platform. 
Second, as a large investment bank, we have access to all aspects of development from front-end, back-end, cloud computing, and distributed no-SQL object oriented database (think storing serialized Python, not serialized JSON/BSON), etc. 
You can Google around for some info on Quartz for more information (JPM has a similar system called Athena, and Goldman Sachs, too, called SECDB/SLANG). 
This is also a good video to watch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTOP_shhVBQ

We are looking to hire VERY soon, so please reach out and send a resume to me or my manager, Tara, or ask any questions. 
wirth.jason at gmail.com -or- jason.wirth at baml.comtara.jalal@baml.com 

On to the official description...

Quartz FXCashDB  Technology   Python Developer (Chicago/New York)Do you have a passion for programming? Are you a tinkerer? Have you had any experience facing front office users on a regular basis and providing tactical as well as strategic solutions in a high pressure environment?  Do you have experience or expertise in Foreign Exchange (FX) markets? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should consider a job with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies technology team.The internal market data technology team is a little slice of Agile in a great big organization. We are a talented, experienced, and passionate group of technologists/strategists that prides itself on quality of delivery, continuous improvement, and a relaxed atmosphere.We are seeking a developer (5+ years of experience) to join our team, grow with us, and teach us a few things along the way.As a successful candidate and team member you must:·         Be able to demonstrate proficiency with excel and python and a reasonable subset of the following:Java, C++, SQL, UNIX, Messaging (MQ, RV) and Perl.·         Have a proven ability to solve problems with technology - Can you describe a problem you’ve solved, the details of the solution, and why you chose the technology you used? Have you had demonstrated success developing large-scale sustainable applications?·         Be passionate about quality, programming, and software development in general - Do you “sharpen the saw” and continually explore opportunities to improve? Are you a technology evangelist? Will you introduce the group to new technologies and approaches?·         Be flexible with day-to-day responsibilities – Do you have an interest in polyglot programming? Are you comfortable with working across multiple systems and potentially using multiple programming languages and technologies?·         Be organized - Are you able to remain productive even when you have multiple deliverables?·         Demonstrate good judgment - Can you be trusted to make good decisions independently?More about us:·         Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a global financial powerhouse that markets, trades, and manages risk for various  derivative products·         Together with team members in Chicago, New York, London, Singapore, India and elsewhere, the team builds and maintains systems that are key contributors to the bank’s position in this high revenue business·         Our developers pride themselves on their interest in technology and knowledge sharing is encouraged via informal brown-bag lunches, company-sponsored training, and annual internal developer conferences About the role:·         You will be working with a team of developers and business analysts within FXCashDB team·         You will participate in most phases of the software development life cycle including story writing and estimation, design, development, test planning, test automation, and deployment

    Jason Wirth
    wirth.jason at gmail.com

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