[Chicago] Data export ?

Tanya Schlusser tanya at tickel.net
Fri Sep 4 13:27:54 CEST 2015

> I'm looking for a library or some online tool similar to how bootstrap is
> transforming html..to do the following with data:  [list of tasks...]

Try Pandas (PANel Data Analysis Suite). Here's the full API
<http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/api.html>. It provides Series,
Data Frame, and Panel objects for containing and transforming data, and
does all of the things you ask except for queueing and cron jobs, which can
be done using `sched` or celery, respectively.

The caveat is it relies on NumPy so if you're on windows you need a Visual
C++ (nonfree version) for 100% compatibility or the Gnu C compiler (for
like 99% compatibiity) or the Anaconda distribution
<http://continuum.io/downloads>. (Anaconda bought us food last month. They

For the other  platforms binary wheels exist on PyPi and so  `pip install
pandas` will just work.

The below just link to the diffrent relevant sections in the API according
to your questions

1. SQL connection options
2. Column fields, etc..
columnwise string functions
3. Export to csv / xls

And for the scheduling / queueing:

4. Scheduling is in the standard library already
5. Here's an awesome task queues for python tutorial
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