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Tanya Schlusser tanya at tickel.net
Sat Sep 5 04:25:19 CEST 2015

> It's pretty cool. I projected it at python office hours. It's written
> following from discussions in a paper on lessons learned from teaching
> python to geophysics students I think? I may be mis-remembering that part.

You're rememering right -- this is the paper
<http://arxiv.org/abs/1505.05425> and the tl;dr is that these geology
professors literally guinea pigged their students for 5 years trying out
different teaching styles (lecture + lab | lecture in lab | self-taught via
MOOC | etc...) and mesured student satisfaction, instructor effort, and
actual learning.

The self-taught sucked, with 50% comprehension and students reviewing the
course badly. All other forms had about 70% comprehension with varying
levels of teacher effort and student satisfaction. The IPython notebook
execution in-class + lecture got the highest student ratings and were the
least instructor effort -- a major win.

The try.jupyter.org project is open source
<https://github.com/jupyter/try.jupyter.org>, so you too can host your own
notebook server (launched using Docker images) or you can make your own
community. This is the repo for adding community notebooks

Also -- O'Reilly may be embracing them. Here is a lecture Support Vector
Machines given @ Pycon 2015 made in collaboration with Jake Vanderplas and

This is the future of education (and possibly dashboarding?)  woo-hoo!

Another alternative is skulpt <http://www.skulpt.org/>...a pure javascript
implementation of (a large chunk of) Python 2...here's the link to an
online Python textbook with executable code using Skulpt:


- <http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/thinkcspy/index.html>--
from Josh ---

> Actually now that i remember it is in a notebook. Google hosts one on
> github.
> https://github.com/google/deepdream
> I think we should do like a pyladies event about this if we can get it
> working.

That would be awesome!!! looking into it...
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