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Lewit, Douglas d-lewit at neiu.edu
Mon Sep 7 19:04:46 CEST 2015

Hi Tanya,

Where is the ChiPy meeting this Thursday evening?  I checked the website,
but the location of the meeting had not yet been decided.

When I think of "big data analysis" I think of something like, "Okay, read
all these data from an Excel spreadsheet into a huge Python array or
matrix, and then construct various Q-Q plots to see if the data are
normally distributed, exponentially distributed or something else, and then
determine the parameters of the distribution".  In other words, when I hear
"big data" I'm really thinking of a mixture of statistics and computer
programming.  Is that correct or is my "definition" a little too narrow?




On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 5:39 AM, Tanya Schlusser <tanya at tickel.net> wrote:

> Is anyone interested in using anaconda to do machine learning?
> Haha, yes Joshua, __everyone__ is interested in machine learning! Usually
> we get 100+ attendees if one of the topics is big data / machine learning.
> If your 'setup scipy + Jupyter' talk is ready for this Thursday, then
> awesome! If not we'd still love to hear it next month...
> ... Repost of the location to submit talks ...
>> > If you'd like to submit a topic, you can reply to this email or email me
>> > at directly joe.jasinski at gmail.com.   At some point, we'll need you to
>> > fill out the talk proposal form so we can get your talk on the schedule.
>> > http://www.chipy.org/meetings/topics/propose
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