[Chicago] Python for hacking and security testing.

Lewit, Douglas d-lewit at neiu.edu
Tue Sep 22 15:32:14 CEST 2015

A professor told me that *Python has some great builtin tools for hacking
and security testing*.  Could someone please point me in the right
direction.  *Where are those tools?*  Thanks!

I queried this professor, but her reply was, "Just Google it and figure it
out!"  Oh nice!  That's why I'm spending thousands of dollars on my
education, right?  So some professor can just tell me to go home and
consult Google?  Is there no end to all the lazy, sloppy teaching that goes
on in our colleges and universities?  And lest you think I'm overly
critical of professors, I am one too!  I teach part-time at a community
college in the suburbs and used to be a high school math teacher.  So after
all these years of standing in front of a chalkboard or whiteboard I really
DO know the difference between good teaching and bad teaching!
Unfortunately most college/university professors know their field extremely
well, but they haven't taken the time to really learn about the process of
learning.  (And it is a process.)  This is where elementary and high school
teachers have the advantage.  Elementary and high school teachers know less
about their respective fields, but they know much more about the
psychological process of learning.  They are also often much better when it
comes to classroom organization and curriculum development.  The last thing
I would tell a student is "Just go home and Google it!"  (Translation: I'm
just too darn busy to be bothered with you silly little questions!  After
all, I have "research" to do!!!)  I get VERY angry when I encounter
teachers like that.  They should NOT be teaching!

I just had to vent!


Douglas Lewit
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