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GOTO Chicago May 24-25 Conference / May 23 & 26 Workshops <

GOTO Chicago is a premier software development conference that strives to
deliver high-quality talks and workshops from seasoned professionals and
2016 is no different. This year we introduce you to some of the hottest
topics brought to you by the innovators at the helm of these technologies
and authors of some of the leading software books on the market.

We would like to highlight for the Python community we have a workshop,
Interactive Python Workshop <
on Monday May 23rd run by Brian Ray.

Save $50 off Registration
Members of the Python Community in Chicago can save $50 off registration,
use the following promotion code when registering: chipy50

Our exciting array of presenters include:

Neha Narkhede, Co-Creator of Apache Kafka and Co-Founder of Confluent
Lars Bak and Kasper Lund, Co-Founders of Dart and V8
Casey Rosenthal, Engineering Mgr of the Traffic & Chaos Teams at Netflix
Barry O’Reilly, Author of “Lean Enterprise”
Erich Gamma, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft and member of the “Gang of
Michael Nygard, Author of “Release IT”
Matt Kremer, Ionic Creator Project Lead
Peter Lawrey, Author of Vanilla Java Blog
Jessica Kerr, Functional Developper presenting Elm
Francesc Campoy Flores, GO expert from Alphabet’s Google Cloud team

Check out the confirmed speaker list here<

Topics that will be covered at the conference and at the workshops are:

  *   Microservices: Useful tips and examples on "how to" build, deploy and
maintain a microservices architecture
  *   Financial Services: Focused track on the challenges in Financial
Services presented by industry field experts
  *   Always On: Challenges of Running Systems that can't go down, cases
from Netflix Chaos Engineering team and Uber's scalable architecture
  *   Programming Languages: A look what is new with specific languages
such as C++ & Go
  *   Data and Distributed Systems: Dive into Kafka, Distributed build
Systems at Google and Twitter's own Manhattan DB Project
  *   DevOps Best Practices: Present day look at best practices in DevOps
  *   High Performance Organizations: A glimpse into some of the approaches
taken by High Performance Organizations including Lean Enterprise
  *   JavaScript: The latest in the world of JavaScript
  *   Fun Stuff: New and Fun things that you will enjoy, including how to
look at your code as a crime scene
  *   Solution Track: Real World examples and tools presentations from our

GOTO Chicago is built out of a labour of love by passionate developers
aiming to deliver a conference for software architects, seasoned
programmers, system administrators, data-scientists and machine-learning
engineers. We want to reach a wide audience and foster connections by
bringing varied specialised disciplines inside one conference venue.  Hope
you can join us in Chicago!

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Brian Ray
(773) 669-7717
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