[Chicago] Looking for Temp or Full time Javascript UI resource

JS Irick hundredpercentjuice at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 13:52:33 EDT 2016

Hello All-

I'm looking to hire a JavaScript resource to help me on a three month UI
project.  The programming library is a jQuery extension, with a bit of
custom SVG that I put together to fill some functionality gaps.

Our hiring process has always been to look for people who are Smart, Nice
and Driven, and to be relatively background agnostic.  If you know any
JavaScript Devs who are interested in expanding their horizons (I work in
the Financial Consulting space), this could definitely be the start of a
really great experience for them.

Please feel free to forward my contact info to anyone who may be
interested.  We'll buy pizza and beer for the next ChiPy meeting if you
help us find the right person.

Thank you

JS Irick
Consultant: truqua.com
Coach: atlascrossfit.com
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