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kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 13:42:54 EST 2016

I'm a lurker who's been on this list a long time.

By "lurker" I don't mean I'm completely quiet, but rather that I'm nowhere
near Chicago, though I was born there and went to a Djangocon in some swank
hotel along the river (where I led a workshop before taking off on a
pilgrimage to the home town of our O'Reilly School of Technology [1]).

I'm interested in "code schools" both in cyberspace, in actual physical
digs, and in combination.  You'll find me through PDX Code Guild here in
Portland [2], however I have other gigs as well.

The connecting thread though is I'm focused on a full stack that features
Python (even though I totally get why some would work in Clojure and

How does one best teach and learn to navigate and get work done in this
ecosystem?  I scan Chipy for ideas.

And I find them, in abundance.

The recent thread on flattening deeply nested data structures was pure gold
and I'm gonna turn around and teach it as a perfect example of how we use

No complaints then, about the quality so far!  I'm getting what a lurk for.

Kirby Urner
Portland, OR

[1]  the 3.5 minute movie named Leveraging Python in this public DropBox
documents my experience:
(I probably also have it on Youtube somewhere)

[2]  <guild /> in pictures:
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