[Chicago] Looking for some OAUTH2/Google API help

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 15:37:38 EST 2016

Has anyone here who used OAUTH2 to validate applications with any of
the Google APIs? I'm sure the Python APIs themselves are no big deal,
but I have had zero luck getting the proper credentials to use.

The application is to pump a bunch of email messages from one or more
defunct mailing list archives into Google Groups via the Groups
Migration API so the archives are indexable and searchable by people
on the net. This will not use any web interface. The plan (once I can
authorize) is to just pump thousands of mail messages into one or more
Google Groups using a console (terminal-based) application.

Even if you have no experience with this stuff and are willing to
"pair program" this with the intent of figuring out how this is done
and creating the raw material for a soup-to-nuts blog on the process
(I'd be happy to write the blog post, with due credit given), let me
know. Perhaps there is a non-presentation ChiPy hack session coming
up. I see no topics given for the March 10 meeting.


Skip Montanaro

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