[Chicago] Looking for some OAUTH2/Google API help

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 23:14:07 EST 2016

Carl> I think I can help.

Carl> I use the api to upload 1000's of videos to youtube from the CLI.
 same thing, right?

Yeah, pretty much.

Carl> Here is the blocker I ran into trying to help someone else use my

Carl> 2. Get a client ID (defines who is running this code)
Thanks, that's a new entry into developers.google.com for me. I hadn't seen
that before.

Carl> The code is here:

I'll check that out as well.

Carl> I floundered around writing it, ...

Seems to me that the whole OAUTH2 thing should be pretty much boiler plate.
Ought to be able to whittle it down to a straightforward function call or
class instantiation. Of course, at this point, I have no experience with
actual working code, so what do I know? :-/

Carl> What's next?

Let me check out that URL and your code. I'll post back here in a day or
three. Well you be at the March 10 meeting? Perhaps we can connect then.

Carl> Oh yeah, getting the -right- key is what trips me up.  Getting the
wrong key is easy.

I can assure anyone who questions the veracity of this statement that Carl
speaks the truth. I have plenty of experience with the second option at
this point.

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