[Chicago] Volunteer opportunity

Jerry Dumblauskas jdumblauskas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 11:13:09 EDT 2016

Hello Chipy,

There is a non profit that is looking for some development help.  They
don't have budget so this would be a volunteer opportunity.  This group is
trying to increase open government in Illinois (see

There are 2 phases to this

1) do some data scrubbing of an excel file
2) update the website that will implement the candidate search process (

The stack is not python (yet) but maybe could be.

I am going to take a crack at #1 using 'Pandas" in honor of Jason Wirth :)
(I have some spare cycles).

as for item 2, if anyone has interest, or spare cycles, please message me
off list.  I plan on working with the Director of this non profit and see
if we can break down the tasks into chunks.  Of course, if the website is
going to stay ASP.net, this is probably not something we can assist with.

I'll keep everyone posted (and give an update at the next meeting for sure).


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