[Chicago] Illinois Campaign for Political Reform part time role

Jerry Dumblauskas jdumblauskas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 21:01:51 EDT 2016

The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform wants to add another dev to do
some work (the last Chipy member placed is still there doing a great job on
the sunshine site).

This role is more web dev.  In short, the want this site

to look like


The site is running on PHP for Wordpress.  The person who comes on can
implement in that, or migrate to the main site (which is Python powered).
It is really up to you.

The are getting a new data file next week, and want to get going ASAP!

This is really a part time web, data science, visualization gig -- and has
to potential to be long term.

If interested, contact me off list (jdumblauskas at gmail.com) and I can get
your resume over.

The people who sent in resumes for the first role, if still interested, can
also put their hat in for this role as well (just let me know).

Since this is a non profit -- we are not taking a referral fee (like last
time), but just trying to get a good python dev in doing some great work.


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