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Dear Joe ,
I assume cash only for the tshirts will we be able to specify a size or
what sizes will they come in ?
Joshua herman
On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 10:01 PM Joe Jasinski <joe.jasinski at gmail.com>

> ChiPy,
> Our May 12th meeting is upcoming, and we have some good talks planned.
> This month, our first batch of ChiPy T-shirts will also be on sale for $15!
> Join us at 6:00pm to hang out, network, and eat!
> New ChiPy attendees are invited to stop by the "ChiPy Welcoming Table" at
> 6:30pm, where you can learn more about ChiPy and meet some new people.
> The presentations will begin promptly at 7:00pm.
> All are welcome! Please RSVP
> <http://www.meetup.com/_ChiPy_/events/230731798/> soon.  Please provide
> your full name in the RSVP for the security check at the door.
> *When:*
> Thursday May 12th
>    - 6:00pm:  doors open; food arrives
>    - 6:30pm - 6:45: ChiPy Welcoming Table open
>    - 7:00pm:  Talks Start
> *How:*
> You can rsvp at chipy.org or via our Meetup
> <http://www.meetup.com/_ChiPy_/> group.
> *Where:*
> Braintree
> 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza <https://goo.gl/maps/Tb4AcPVJYwC2>
> Suite 800
> Chicago, IL
> *What:*
>    - *The 'collections' module*
>    (0:10:00 Minutes)
>    By: Phil Robare
>    A quick overview of the collections module and its five data
>    structures. The talk will be aimed at the intermediate level python user
>    who has the basic syntax down but has not yet delved into the wealth of
>    programming tools in the standard library.
>    - *pyStan: Bayesian Inference for Fun and Profit*
>    (0:30:00 Minutes)
>    By: Stephen Hoover
>    Probabilistic programming languages offer a flexible and expressive
>    way to model data by treating random variables as first-class objects. Stan
>    is a popular and well-supported library which allows users to write models
>    in the Stan programming language and use MCMC methods to perform Bayesian
>    inference. Stan itself is written in C++, and has a Python interface
>    through the PyStan package. In this talk, I'll show off some of the
>    capabilities of PyStan and go through a simple practical example of
>    Bayesian inference in Python.
>    - *Python, Startups, Tech Debt, and You*
>    (0:20:00 Minutes)
>    By: Matt Erickson
>    There's a lot of people newish to Python and either interested or
>    already in a startup environment (either within a larger corporation or an
>    actual startup). Python makes a *great* tool for that, however while
>    there’s ways to use it to carry your work along to great success, there’s
>    ways to wind up with such spaghetti you’re tempted to throw your hands in
>    the air and go back to Java. The focus on the talk is how to use Python and
>    the tools it provides to avoid the unmaintainable mess while still being
>    able to “cut corners” to get something out the door to make your
>    boss/investors/customers happy.
> Thanks always to all our Platinum sponsors, especially: Braintree,
> Imaginary Landscape, and Telnyx.
> Please be aware of our code of conduct http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/
> See you there!
> --
> Joe J. Jasinski
> www.joejasinski.com
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