[Chicago] List comprehension question

Dan Mahoney catdude at gmail.com
Wed May 25 11:38:10 EDT 2016

I've got a question about using list comprehensions.

I've got a piece of code that is making a MySQL query:
sql = "SELECT tail FROM aircraft_state WHERE airline='WN'"

I'm currently using a loop to get the values into a list:
rows = c.fetchall()
for row in rows:
    comm = row[0]

since the return value from MySQL is delivered as tuples. I'd like to use a
list comprehension to build my final list (no important reason, I just want
to learn how). I tried:

comm = [x for x in c.fetchall()][0]

but that just gives me the first tuple. If I use:

comm = [s for x in c.fetchall()]

I end up with a list of tuples. Any suggestions as to how I could do this
without using a for loop?

Dan Mahoney
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