[Chicago] Working with timezones

Chris Foresman foresmac at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 15:33:39 EST 2016

Ugh, dealing with time/timezones is the worst, AMIRITE? Here’s what I need to do:

Calculate an offset from UTC, and use the offset to get a list of corresponding timezone names, i.e., I’ve detmerined that I need all the timezones associated with offset -06:00; which includes “America/Chicago”, “CT”, etc. I looked at pytz, but it looks like it only goes the other direction, i.e. pytz.timezone(‘America/Chicago’) will give me a tzinfo instance with UTC offset -06:00.

Outside of building my own reverse database, does anyone have ideas how to make this work?

Chris Foresman
foresmac at gmail.com

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