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Hello! From the Computer Science Teachers of America listserv -- they're
asking for public comment on their new curriculum, including from business
leaders and the broader community.

It's due by Wednesday, Feb 15.
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The public review period for the revised *CSTA* K-12 Computer Science (CS)
Standards will close on *Wednesday, February 15.*   *This revision process
took specific steps to align the Interim 2016 standards with the K-12 CS
Framework.*  This alignment will strengthen the value of both resources as
tools to communicate the CS concepts and practices critical to student
educational experiences today.  The CSTA K-12 CS Standards were written by
a diverse team of CSTA members with expertise in the different grade levels
represented in the standards.  More information about the Standards
Revision Team can be found on the Standards Task Force webpage of the  CSTA

The Computer Science Teachers Association invites teachers, curriculum
supervisors, administrators, business leaders, the broad education and
business communities to review the standards and offer feedback.  If you
have already submitted feedback, thank you!  If you have not yet submitted
your feedback, we encourage you to do so.

The feedback forms and grade level standards charts are posted on the
Public Review webpage of the  CSTA website
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