[Chicago] Data Science Training in Chicago: Bootcamps, Evening Courses, Corporate Programs

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 10:05:01 EST 2017

I attended one of the classes and met some of the students. The ChiPy
organization team has met with Metis and we see this as a healthy
partnership. They are friendly folks and many of you have heard from Ashley
and Jason.

The Metis approach appeared to be very much practitioner focused. Less
accademic then say UofC
which btw total cost is $4,224 per course. 11 needed to graduate that is
pushing 50K.

Now, I am not saying the two are equivalent. However, I have quite a few
data scientists working for me and the most important thing is whether or
not they can work as team and help solve problems. Metis and UofC both seem
to focus on getting someone ready to be successful in the workplace.

Happy to take my opinions on these matter offline as this is a topic I have
put forward some thought.

Thanks! Brian
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