[Chicago] ChiPy April 2018 Main Meeting

Joe Jasinski joe.jasinski at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 09:34:03 EDT 2018

Hi Chipy,

Our April meeting is almost here!  We have a good lineup this month, so
hope to see you there!  *Talks will start at 6:30 this month.*

Big thanks to Blue Lacuna for hosting us this month!

*When:*Thurs April. 12, 2018, 6 p.m.

6:00pm:  Doors open; food arrives
6:30pm:  Talks and announcements start

*How:*You can RSVP at chipy.org <http://www.chipy.org/> or via our Meetup
<https://www.meetup.com/_ChiPy_/events/248683072/> group.

Blue Lacuna
2150 South Canalport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

It's a large building with multiple entrances.  The door for access is in
the parking lot on the *north* side of the building (*not* on the Canalport
side), next to the awning. Please dial 294 on the pad and say you are here
for the event.


   - *A Robust Dev-to-Production Workflow for Home Use, Using Jupyter
   Notebooks and PyTest*
   By: Leon Shernoff
   Experience Level: Novice
   Working on a substantial Python project at home can be confusing and
   frustrating. A work environment can suddenly impact the direction
of a project
   in unexpected ways, because of the many stakeholders; but they usually have
   a robust process in place for actually doing the coding (otherwise nothing
   gets done). Implementing a solid and productive workflow routine at home
   can be a challenge, but it is of great benefit for complex projects. This
   talk uses a sample text-processing project to demonstrate a home workflow
   design featuring sandboxing in Jupyter notebooks, migration of working
   routines to project-specific modules and straight-ahead Python files, and
   writing unit tests for these in PyTest.
   - *Calculating pi using Django and Solidity on the Ethereum Blockchain*
   By: Joshua Herman
   Experience Level: Intermediate
   After giving a whirlwind tour of what Ethereum and Solidity are I will
   show how to use Django and Web3py to deploy a smart contract that performs
   - *Going with the flow: Intro to Airflow*
   By: Matt Inwood
   Experience Level: Intermediate
   Airflow is a great open source resource for managing ETL, or any other
   scheduled jobs. We'll go over the DAG-Task-Script Hierarchy; job triggers,
   logging, and the web interface. I'll also talk about some best practices,
   and different caveats and gotchas that you can come across from my personal
   experience implementing it.

Thank you always to all our sponsors, including our Diamond sponsors: Metis
and Telnyx
Also thank you to our Platinum sponsors: Braintree, Imaginary Landscape,
Lumere, and Signature Consultants.
Also, thank you to our Silver sponsor: Markit.

Please be aware of our code of conduct http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/

Joe J. Jasinski
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