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Oops ... missed the tl;dr

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25 freshly baked Adafruit CircuitPython Express!
Come learn how to program them and take one home for free
<https://bit.ly/chipy_adafruit> December 20, @ChicagoPython Project Night!

Thanks to our instructor @kattni <https://twitter.com/kattni> and TAs @WowLB
<https://twitter.com/WowLB> @zzsnzmn <https://twitter.com/zzsnzmn>
@nicktimko <https://twitter.com/nicktimko>!

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 8:48 AM Tathagata Dasgupta <tathagatadg at gmail.com>

> Hello folks,
> Chipy Python Project Night is organizing a special event this December!
> Come learn how to program in CircuitPython. CircuitPython is aimed at
> beginners and is a tool for teaching and learning. So whatever your
> experience level is, you are welcome to join in! Yes, newbies are welcome.
> This will be a two hour hands on CircuitPython workshop led by Kattni
> Rembor, an embedded software developer, technical writer and community
> manager with Adafruit Industries. We will be provide the CircuitPython
> Express boards required for the class.
> Event Description:
> CircuitPython is Python that runs on microcontrollers. It's designed for
> learning and it's super simple to use. If you're new to programming or
> electronics, CircuitPython can help you get started with both. All you need
> to do is plug in a microcontroller board, open any code editor, and start
> editing. Participants will be provided with a Circuit Playground Express
> microcontroller board to use. We will be using Mu as our code editor - Mu
> is an editor that has the serial REPL and a plotter built in, and makes
> getting started with CircuitPython particularly easy. This
> beginner-friendly workshop will introduce CircuitPython, and discuss why
> you would use it and the community that surrounds it. Then we will get into
> working with code. There will be a series of examples that utilise the
> various sensors, lights and switches built into the Circuit Playground
> Express board. We will start simply with the CircuitPython "Hello, world!"
> From there, we'll build on the concepts learned, combining them as we go to
> eventually build a light up, capacitive touch tone piano.
> Instructor Bio:
> Kattni Rembor (@kattni) is a full time contractor working as an embedded
> software developer, technical writer and community leader with Adafruit
> Industries. She began learning Python through CircuitPython in July 2017.
> CircuitPython is Python that runs on microcontrollers, and is designed to
> lower the barrier for entry to learning programming and electronics. She
> joined Adafruit in January 2018 as a member of the CircuitPython team. She
> has written the definitive CircuitPython Getting Started guides, the
> library designed to make CircuitPython super simple to use on Adafruit's
> premier learning board, Circuit Playground Express, as well as many project
> guides and tutorials. She has helped build the amazing, supportive online
> maker space around CircuitPython and a wide variety of other open source
> topics. The community was a huge part of what got her started, and she has
> greatly enjoyed becoming such a huge part of it.
> Kattni a board member for Linux user's group, Michigan!/usr/group.
> We have 25 seats for this workshop. So we will select those responses
> which have original and interesting ideas on what you want to build using
> CircuitPython Express.
> Entries will be anonymized before evaluation. Our decision for the
> selected applications will be final.
> I am a complete beginner? Should I apply?
> Yes! Absolutely. Our goal is to learn, experiment and have fun - and that
> does not require being an expert. All we need is your enthusiasm!
> Where should I apply?
> https://bit.ly/chipy_adafruit
> What's the link to meetup.com for RSVP?
> https://bit.ly/chipy_adafruit_rsvp
> What is the last date for signing up?
> December 6th, 2018 midnight CST
> When will I be notified if my application has been selected?
> By December 13th, 2018
> When is the event?
> 20 December 2018, 6:30-8:30pm. Doors open 6:00 pm
> Location: Braintree, 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #800, Chicago, IL 60654
> CircuitPython Express:
> https://www.adafruit.com/product/3333
> What can you do with CircuitPython:
> Take a look at the numerous cool project ideas with CircuitPython:
> https://learn.adafruit.com/search?q=circuitpython
> Getting Started with CircuitPython:
> https://learn.adafruit.com/welcome-to-circuitpython
> What do I need to bring to the workshop:
> You will need to bring your wifi connected laptop, USB Micro cable which
> supports data transfer and photoid for the class.
> Code of Conduct:
> http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/


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