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Thu Jul 12 18:48:49 EDT 2018

*Fellow Pythonistas,I wanted to inform you all about a change the
organizers of ChiPy are taking on to our Code of Conduct. If you have been
a part of our community for a while, you may know that we have been using a
very slightly modified version of the PSF's code of conduct since 2014,
shortly after Brian Ray convened the organizing group. This version has
served our organization well over the last few years. That said, it has
recently been brought to the attention of the organizing group by some
organizers and members of the larger Chicago Python community that there
are some deficiencies that this code has in adequately providing a safe
space for all members. It was with sadness and disappointment that I have
begun to hear that there are those in our community that would not
recommend ChiPy to newcomers and have been steering people away from our
meetups. I have personally yet to find a group to be as welcoming as ChiPy
and have been happy and proud to call it home for the last 8 years, but I
am disheartened to learn that this has not been the experience for all
prospective new members. I feel that because Python is used in so many
different applications, ChiPy has been treated to one of the most diverse
sets of ideas and opportunities to lead conversations in developing
software. One key value in our meetup is the free exchange of these ideas
from many disciplines and if we can make everyone feel included in our
organization we will only add to that value. The other important value to
uphold is the friendliness and respect we treat one another with. This
positivity has been enshrined in the spirit of the group since its
inception, as well as promoted in our previous code of conduct. I have
absolute faith that we will never cease upholding this in our interactions
with one another, and in particular focusing on welcoming new members as
the group continues its incredible growth.I wanted to give special thanks
to Ray Berg and Anjali Deolapure for raising our awareness to the issues
with our previous code and perception of ChiPy among others and
spearheading the authorship of this code. They have worked tirelessly to
borrow pieces from Codes of Conduct from various other communities and have
drafted a document which they feel will serve our community best. They have
been inclusive in the crafting of this document and previewed the code to
solicit feedback and edits from PyLadies leadership, in particular, Lorena
Mesa and Sand Ip, as well as former ChiPy organizer, Tanya Schlusser who
were critical in making sure the document reflects the values of the entire
Chicago Python community.The idea to rewrite the code was presented to the
organizers in late May, and was debated on, including the need and
motivation to release a new version of the code. In mid June, Ray and
Anjali had drafted the code and presented to the PyLadies leadership and
other selected indivduals for comment. At the end of the June, the
organizers held a special meeting to adopt the code. A point that had been
made in our debate was how it was important to reflect on the perspectives
we all bring to the table. In that vein, I hope that we all feel empowered
in bringing our comments and critiques forward. We understand that this is
something new we are trying out and want to make sure it works for everyone
as we continue to revise this living document.The full text of the new
version of the code is posted at: http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/
<http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct2/> and the repo it is hosted at is
here: https://github.com/chicagopython/code-of-conduct
<https://github.com/chicagopython/code-of-conduct>Best organization
ever,AdamChair, ChiPy*
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