[Chicago] Remembering Tanya Schlusser: Donations to PyLadies Chicago

Lorena Mesa me at lorenamesa.com
Wed Dec 18 12:32:39 EST 2019

Greetings ChiPy,

I wanted to first and foremost thank the ChiPy organizers and ChiPy
community for organizing and sharing so many memories of Tanya Schlusser at
the October general meeting. Tanya, if you did now know her, is a beloved
ChiPy member that passed away this late summer.  Many of us benefitted from
her direct mentoring,  counsel, and general warmth and kindness.

Actually, as I shared at October's ChiPy general meeting, Tanya was one of
my first ChiPy mentors and helped me kick off PyLadies Chicago in 2013. She
was one of our first PyLades Chicago teachers and a frequent mentor for
Django Girls Chicago (which PyLadies Chicago has put on three times).
Additionally, Tanya was also a great ally and advocate for me and many
PyLadies Chicago members as well as ChiPy members. I know she was quite
active in ChiPy's mentorship program too.

An idea that was suggested at the October ChiPy meeting was to collect
funds to help contribute to causes Tanya cherished and believed in --
specifically in promoting underrepresented people in Python. PyLadies
Chicago therefore is running a donation drive through Feb 2020 to help
raise money to use for programming including for travel grants for PyLadies
members to attend PyCon US. You can donate at:
https://psfmember.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=27. All
donations are tax exempt as PyLadies Chicago is a fiscal sponsoree of the
Python Software Foundation.

Any size donation is appreciated or, if you cannot donate, please share. We
will send thank yous to our donors on the other side. Together we all make
Python better , thank you for all you do!

Warm Regards,
*Lorena Mesa*
Co-Organizer, PyLadies Chicago <http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-PyLadies/>
Director & Vice-Chair Elect, Python Software Foundation
@loooorenanicole <https://twitter.com/loooorenanicole>

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