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Joe Jasinski joe.jasinski at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 08:34:31 EST 2019

Hi ChiPy,

We have a great meeting planned for November! Come join us to engage
with interesting people who use Python.

Thank you to Nielsen <https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/> for hosting us this

*When:*Thus November 14, 2019, 6 p.m.

6:00pm Doors open
6:30pm: Meeting starts

*How:*You can RSVP at chipy.org <http://www.chipy.org/> by noon the day of
the event.

200 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60606


   - *Python at Nielsen*
   By: Jordan Bettis , Meygha Bhat , Vamsi Guntamukkala
   We will talk to you about Nielsen's Connect Platform, our global,
   unified, open data ecosystem powered by Microsoft Azure and how we're
   building platform components using Python. Specifically, we'll deep dive
   into object-oriented data flows. As more and more data scientists write
   software beyond statistical models, object thinking from the field of
   programming can help them write test-able, maintainable and reusable

   - *Demystifying Machine Learning*
   By: Nikola Novakovic
   Experience Level: Intermediate
   Machine Learning is something you'll see referenced very frequently now
   in everything from marketing materials to sales pitches, and job
   postings. With so much hype it can be hard to distinguish what people mean
   when they say Machine Learning. In this talk we will demystify Machine
   Learning by understanding its core concepts and applying that knowledge to
   real world examples. We'll explain basic concepts like linear algebra and
   loss functions, figure out when to use machine learning and build an ML
   model that we'll be able to use in real world apps. Here's an in-depth list
   of what we'll cover: * What Machine Learning is and where it’s being
   used * How to recognize when machine learning is necessary * Math 101 *
   Linear Regression * Live Coding Session Salary Estimator * Q & A

   - *pyplot-themes*
   By: Ray Buhr
   Experience Level: Novice
   I made a package, pyplot-themes, that helps make it easier to: 1. have
   decent looking matplotlib/pandas plots 2. have some decent color
   palettes 3. create your plot themes

Thank you always to all our sponsors, including our Diamond sponsors: Metis
and Telnyx
Also thank you to our Platinum sponsors: Braintree, Imaginary Landscape,
Lumere, and Signature Consultants.
Also, thank you to our Silver sponsor: Markit.

Please be aware of our code of conduct http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/

Joe J. Jasinski
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