[Chicago] ChiPy April 2021 __main__ Meeting Live Stream

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Wed Apr 7 09:06:01 EDT 2021

Hi ChiPy,

This is a reminder that the next __main__ meeting livestream will be
tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm. Look forward to seeing you there!

*When: *Thursday April 8, 2021, 6 p.m.
*Where: *Remote Meeting
You can join our Live Stream at the following link:


   - *Getting up to speed with Dask*
   By: Aaron Richter

   Dask is a parallel computing library for Python people. This talk will
   be a gentle introduction to Dask, showing how you can improve the speed of
   data science code on your laptop with a simple "pip install". Then we will
   use the same code to process big data on a cluster of machines. We will be
   going through an end-to-end data science pipeline, from ETL and exploratory
   analysis to machine learning model training and scoring.

   We will cover:
   - Example using publicly available data and single-node Python
   - Pandas for data cleaning/transformation
   - Scikit-learn for machine learning
   - How to parallelize this workflow on a laptop and then a cluster using
   - Distributed model training
   - Distributed inference/scoring
   - *Dangers of the Python Standard Library*
   By: Andrew Scott

   As a developer, you are the first line when it comes to security for any
   products you may be building. There is often a misconception that all
   software security vulnerabilities are due to misconfigurations, using
   unmaintained open source libraries, using "insecure" languages, or by
   making dumb mistakes like hard-coding passwords. In actuality, it can be
   very easy to make potentially extreme security mistakes even only using
   built-in functions and libraries bundled with the latest version of Python.
   This talk will cover a number of these potential security mistakes that can
   be all too easy to make.

Thank you always to our sponsors, including Braintree and JFrog. ChiPy is a
community run event and we depend on generous donations from our sponsors
to make events and activities possible.
If you or your company is interested in sponsoring, we'd love to talk with
you as we update our sponsorships for 2021.

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