[code-quality] code-quality Digest, Vol 32, Issue 4

Cara ceridwen.mailing.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 17:21:09 EDT 2015

> what do you think about moving pylint and astroid from Bitbucket/hg to
> GitHub/git? I've briefly talked with Claudiu about this, and he seems
> open to the idea and suggested I write this mail :)

I vote in favor, principally because of the CI issue.  I find Github's
interface easier to use, though not by enough to make me care much, and
I'm not attached to Mercurial or Git, but drone.io is the source of
persistent problems for me when working on astroid because it runs
ancient software.  Apparently it's still on Mercurial 2.0, and the
latest Python version it supports is 3.3.  Since most people who use
Python 3 at all use the latest release, having a CI that's two full
versions behind undercuts the point of having a CI in the first place,
since drone.io isn't even testing the Python 3 version most users have.


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