[Compiler-sig] ast branch status

Neal Norwitz neal at metaslash.com
Mon Dec 29 17:17:33 EST 2003

I've been working on the AST branch.  I *think* it's in better shape
than before I started, but YMMV. :-)

I don't get any crashes now.  When I do a make, setup.py "executes,"
but it doesn't do anything.  I have two outstanding changes to make
it run through to completion with exceptions:

   1) Remove first line in getopt.py (need to impl file encoding/pep 263)
   2) Comment out BLDSHARED line Lib/distutils/sysconfig.py (363)

I added a section at the top of Python/newcompile.c for the known bugs.

There are a few memory leaks now when running setup.py.  But I think
there's a lot of potential leaks.  The lifetime of memory isn't
clear to me.  But maybe it's just my confusion.

Since setup.py doesn't work, I can't run any tests right now.  I'll
probably build the extensions by hand and see if I can get a bunch
of tests to work.  It's probably easier to debug segfaults than
just strange behaviour (like setup doing nothing). :-(

Any help or ideas for how to proceed would be great.


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