[concurrency] Common Concurrent Problems

Larry Riedel Larry at Riedel.org
Wed Jun 10 18:21:24 CEST 2009

> The technical term for such a collection is a
> chrestomathy: "a collection of similar programs
> written in various programming languages, for
> the purpose of demonstrating differences in
> syntax, semantics and idioms for each language"
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_Chrestomathy

For that I think naively I would expect to see
something like a list of, for example, how to have a
shared object protected using a condition variable
with a mutex, to gain exclusive access to the shared
object, change its state, and signal threads/processes
waiting on the condition variable that the object
state has changed, and to see how to do these things
using Python, java.util.concurrent, pthreads, etc.
And likewise how to perform other common fundamental
concurrent operations in various languages.

I realize there is a separate orthogonal aspect, which
is how to solve a particular problem using either a
shared object approach, a message passing or parallel
approach, or ..., but to me that aspect is something
which could be treated independently of showing how
to implement each style of solution using Python.
In other words, for me, there are already lots of
sources for information about what are the different
concurrent approaches to solving a particular problem,
and what I would be interested in is seeing how to
idiomatically implement a particular approach using
Python.  And I would like especially to see where
certain approaches not likely to work well with
CPython, might work fine using Jython or IronPython.


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