[concurrency] about the concurrency-sig list

Brad Allen bradallen137 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 17:49:44 CET 2011

Python has a rich toolset for taking on concurrency challenges, and
many of these tools have their own mailing list. However, concurrency
solutions tend to involve working with these tools in combination, and
it might be nice to have a place for higher level community discussion
across this toolset.

I see lots of interesting comments about concurrency scattered across
Twitter, G+, and blog postings about gevent, 0mq, celery,
multiprocessing, stackless, etc, so I know there is plenty to talk
about. I don't want to shut down those scattered discussions; Twitter
and G+ are great fun.

However, concurrency-sig might be a good home for more in-depth
discussions on such topics; currently this list seems dormant.
According to the archive, the last postings were in 2009 about the
GIL. Why not try to reboot this list, and send out an announcement to
call for participation here?

I've bcc'd a number of people who might be interested, but may not
know about the concurrency-sig list.

Maybe there is another such list which I don't know about. If so,
please let me know, and I'll post it back to this thread in the
concurrency-sig so people looking at the archives will know where they
need to go.

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