[concurrency] Issues with the current concurrency mechanisms in Python

James Mills prologic at shortcircuit.net.au
Wed Feb 15 09:17:42 CET 2012

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 17:47, Christopher Reay
<christopherreay at gmail.com>wrote:

> I think the core of this discussion (which has lost all steam, verve, fun
> and substance since it was kicked out of python-ideas) is:
>    1. How can python support multiple external processes interacting with
>    a single set of states (i.e. an interpreter instance) given that the GIL
>    exists?
>    2. How can we improve sharing of objects between interpreter instances?
> Does this about sum up where we are?

I believe so. I think we would all agree that attempts at solving
both of these problems have been implemented. multiprocessing,
twisted, gevent, Kamaelia, circuits, etc.

Question is can we being simple concurrency features that we can
all use and appreciate?

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