[Conferences-discuss] Crackle, crackle, "hello"...

David Ascher DavidA@ActiveState.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:17:33 -0800

> And the cost of a printed proceedings is, presumably, not negligible.
> That said, I *like* having a printed proceedings.  I think I'll start a
> separate thread on that topic.

Good idea.  My understanding is that paper proceedings are quite
expensive, but I know that YAPC does them for the sake of "the feel of a
real conference".  Personally, I'm satisfied with having the documents
available on a website.  I have CD's from all the previous conferneces,
and have never unwrapped them; and I've occasionally read the papers on
paper, but always after the fact in the plane ride home.  If it saves
$20 to the cost of admission, IMO it's worth cutting.  But getting
broader feedback is the point of this list, so feed back!

> Is there a Zope track at OSCON?  

There is a joint Python/Zope track.  It is up to the program committee
to allocate time.  I don't recall if the room allocations have already
been decided (it might be a joint Zope/Python track w/ several parallel
sessions, but I don't _think_ so).

--david ascher