[Conferences-discuss] Python 4 - my first and favorite

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:24:06 -0500

On 13 February 2002, Jeff Kunce said:
> - It was called "Python Workshop" instead of "Python Conference". Maybe this
> stupidity is particular to my bean counters, but I can pay for a "Workshop"
> out of professional development funds, which are easy to get. A "Conference",
> I guess, is considered a junket, and the dollars are much harder to find.

Here's a loopy, 25%-serious idea based on the YAPC two-tiered pricing
model: if you want to go to a workshop, then we send you email and point
you at a web site referring to the "Python Workshop"; if not, we refer
to "Python Conference".

Or, better, just make the conference web site dynamic: if the request
comes from certain IP ranges, say "Python Workshop", else "Python
Conference".  That way, people with picky beancounters can just enter
their employer's IP range on a form somewhere, and when the beancounters
visit the web site to approve the expense, it says "Python Workshop".
For everyone else, it says "Python Conference".

(That last paragraph was about 5% serious.  Hold off on the flames.)

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