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Subject: [PyCon-Organizers] What's in a name?

I see there was some discussion late in today's meeting about "PyCon"
vs. "PyCon US", and some trepidation about whether simply calling the US
conference "PyCon" would step on European sensibilities. For what it's
worth I don't think there'd be any problem with retaining the name
"PyCon" for the US event.

When I was at EuroPython I acknowledged (so some applause) that
EuroPython was the first community Python conference. You have to
remember, though, that EuroPython is a trans-national event, not a
national one. (For the benefit of the geographically-challenged Europe
is a continent, not a country).

We have seen the emergence of many national conferences, and so far it
seems that most of them have chosen to use the PyCon name with a country
subscript, whether a two-letter code as in the case of Argentina (AR)
and France (FR) or with a full country designation such as Italy
(Italia). The exception is New Zealand, who are currently designating
their conference "Kiwi PyCon". That's OK with me too.

EuroPython remains special, however, and I doubt very much, given that
the even is run by the "EuroPython Society" that they would ever want to
become "PyCon Europe" or "PyCon EU". If you want to avoid treading on
toes don't worry about the naming, simply acknowledge that EuroPython
started about six months before PyCon (US) did.

As its founder I think PyCon in the US deserves to use the name without
any suffix simply by virtue of its pre-emininence in terms of both size
and longevity, and I don't think this would ruffle any feathers with the
other national conferences. I'd be happy for someone to forward this
message to the conferences discussion list (of which I am not a member)
to see whether or not I am correct.

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