[Conferences] Long-term planning of Python events

Mike Müller mmueller at python-academy.de
Tue Apr 20 18:01:56 CEST 2010

Hi All,

I am starting a new thread about coordinating of
dates of Python conference, workshops, bar camps
an the like.

A few years ago I organized a Python workshop for
German speaking people. After all was set (room etc.),
I was very surprised to see the announcement of PyCon UK
at the very same date I put the workshop. If I had known
before, I could have easily moved the workshop at least
two weeks away. A few people would have gone to both
events, but had to decide for one (me included).

I would like to have a kind of long-term internal planning
calendar for Python event organizers. Something like a wiki
page with login for list members for instance.
Planning horizon should be one year and more.

Maybe there is something like this already and I am just
no aware of it. Again, I am talking of date planning way
before the official announcement.

Ideas welcome.


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