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Mike Müller mmueller at python-academy.de
Sun Oct 31 12:45:51 CET 2010

Am 31.10.2010 11:45, schrieb ॥ स्वक्ष ॥ :
>> # This was the biggest PyCon ever.
>> # The percentage of women was about 10% this unusually high
>> # for this kind of conference.
> Honestly, this statistic makes me uncomfortable, for a number of
> reasons. I'm involved with a number of women-in-floss projects and the
> pressure to stand up and be visible or be counted is immense<-- this
> makes it hard on those that dont seek attention because of their
> gender. While I am aware that diversity matters and its important to
> get that data out there, but, with all due respect, there is the risk
> of being reduced to a mere statistic, when your presence is mere
> tokenism for being politically correct** and nothing beyond that.

The 10% was public announced at the conference and can probably be seen
in the corresponding video. If I remember right on Feb. 20th by the
conference chair Van Lindberg. So it is nothing new in any way.
You can find this information at different places, for example here:


The statistics is in no way target towards getting gender specific data.
The 10% above are just a comment and serve as an example if there
was something noteworthy not captured in the numbers.

This is the form for the survey. There is nothing gender specific
in there:


It is just about counting how many attended.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the form.


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