[Conferences] PyTexas sponsor prospectus needs putting together

Brad Allen bradallen137 at gmail.com
Sat May 28 01:38:09 CEST 2011

We're running short of time to line up sponsors for PyTexas 2011 (on
Sept 10-11 at Texas A&M).  When I spoke to a number of interested
potential sponsors in this year's PyCon expo hall, several of them
said they need several months lead time.  I've been so busy with work
& travel lately that I feel that it's almost too late, so now feel a
sense of urgency in creating the sponsor prospectus.

I'd like to send out general PyTexas announcements this weekend to the
larger Python community, along with the call for proposals, and it
would be good to have the sponsor options included with the main

I'm looking for ideas about what we should be offering sponsors, as
well as a volunteer to create a nicely formatted prospectus document.

Here are the goals I have in mind for sponsorships at PyTexas:

* Increase attendee interest in the conference (last year we had a
"RackSpace effect" which drew in attendees as a result of their
OpenStack talks and evening party)
* Pay for t-shirts and conference supplies (badges, etc)
* Create a budget for speakers to travel to PyTexas
* Raise money for PSF
* Maybe pay for catering food/snacks/drinks
* Boost local Python employers in a way that fosters goodwill
* Help local Python developers and students know about Python
employment opportunities
* Help local Python employers expand their pool of potential employees
or consultants
* Distribute cool swag

Here are the incentives I can think of offering; most of these are
unoriginal.  Please help brainstorm additional ideas:

* Give away sponsor swag
* Company logo on PyTexas website
* Booths & tables (need to look at how much space we'll have)
* Banner display at PyTexas (not sure if Texas A&M can accomodate)
* I liked what SciPy is doing, namely creating a SciPy t-shirt with
sponsor logos on the back
* Have a verbal "thanks to our sponsor" along with some custom words
just before the keynote
* Promote sponsor parties
* Recruit developers to help on open source projects of interest to sponsors

Let me know if you think of any others ideas.

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