[Conferences] PyCon Argentina 2012: Scientific Meetings - Call for Sponsors and Researchers

Mariano Reingart reingart at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 20:22:34 CEST 2012

PyCon Argentina 2012 is applying for Scientific Meetings official
government support, with extended deadline 05-15-2012:


If you are sponsor or researcher, please contact us, we need to
line-up speakers and estimate sponsorship in advance.

For a brochure, including organizer profile and contacted
international speakers, please see:


More information about sponsorship plans:


Call for proposals and Student Paper Contest will be sent shortly.
Submission is open:


PyCon Argentina is the largest annual worldwide community gathering of
Spanish-speaking users and developers of the Python programming

PyConAr 2012 is expecting 500 attendees (similar to 2009 also in
Buenos Aires), and was sponsored by several International Corporations
like Google, Canonical, GitHub and local python companies like MSA
Group, Core Security, Machinalis, Lambda Sistemas, Avatura, Teracore,
log_n, and many others.

PyConAr previous international speakers include Jacob Kaplan Moss
(Django), Wesley Chung and Collin Winter (Google), Steve Holden
(Python Software Fundation), Maciej Fijalkowski (PyPy Project) Jim
Fulton (Zope Corporation) and Alan Runyan (Plone Fundation).

Also there have been several regional guest attending to previous
conferences, including people from Brazil, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

PyCon Argentina  is a community conference organized by volunteers of
Python Argentina community.
Conference language is Spanish and English.
Admittance is free of charge.

Best regards,

Mariano Reingart
PyCon Argentina 2012 Chair

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