[Conferences] Announcing PyCon Taiwan 2012 and Call for Proposal

Yung-Yu Chen yyc at solvcon.net
Fri Mar 16 15:22:53 CET 2012

On behave of PyCon Taiwan Operation Committee, it is my pleasure to announce
PyCon Taiwan 2012, the first Python conference in Taiwan.  PyCon Taiwan
will be
held during June 9-10, 2012 at the Humanities and Social Sciences Building,
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.  The official website is at

We are happy to welcome Travis Oliphant and Amir Salihefendic as keynote
speakers in PyCon Taiwan 2012.

We are soliciting presentation proposals.  We accept talks in Mandarin
or English.  The submission deadline is April 2, 2012.  Suitable topics
include, but are not limited to:

- Web Programming, e.g., Django, Pyramid, Web2Py, TurboGears
- Cloud Computing
- Scientific Computing
- Python in Business, Education and Maths
- Agile Development and Project Best Practices
- Game Programming
- GUI Programming
- Network Programming
- Packaging Issues
- Programming Tools
- Python Libraries and Extensions
- System Administration
- Python Implementations, e.g., IronPython, Jython, PyPy and Stackless.

More details can be found at

with regards,
Yung-Yu Chen

Yung-Yu Chen
+886 (99) 129 4763
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