[Conferences] Conference Attendance?

Landon Jurgens slick666 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 23:36:55 CET 2012

Dear PyCon community,

I recently return from PyCon US. I'm writing my final report to my employer
and I'm having a hard time locating some information from the PyCon
websites. I have the number of attending for this years PyCon but to put it
into perspective I wanted to get the number of attending for Other Pycons
such as the list below

   - EuroPyCon
   - PyConAsiaPacific
   - PyConDE
   - PyConChina
   - PyconFinland
   - PyConIndia
   - PyConJapan
   - PyConPoland
   - PyConUK
   - PyConUkraine

EuroPyCon has the number right on the front page of EuroPyCon 2011 but the
others are tough to find. Does anyone have these number to share or know of
a location where I can find this information.

Thanks for you help and thanks for making pycon happen

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