[Conferences] PyEvent in China( Beijing/Shanghai/ShenZheng/ChenDu/HangZhou )

Cynthia Xin cynthiaxin1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:30:26 EDT 2018

To Who is concerned,

This is Cynthia Xin, the organizer of PyCon China 2018. Mr.Sting Chen the
previous organizer , for personal reasons, will not be involved in the
organization of PyCon China, this year. And I will be responsible for it in
the future.

About 30 new Python Developers join in our organizer team, this year. And
we hope to have more communication  with developers from other countries
and regions in the world.

This year, PyCon China 2018 will set up the main venue in Beijing in
October 14, 2018, and there will be 800 Pythoneers to join us. It is the
first time that we will leave one breakout venue to Python Girls . Cities
in China like Shanghai (Oct. 21st), Shenzhen (Oct. 27th) , ChengDu (Oct.
27th) and Hangzhou (Nov. 4th) will hold meetings as part of the conference
hall. There would be about 2000 Pythoneers sharing, communication and
learning in PyCon China 2018 . And promote Python to more than 100 thousand

Please kindly help to update the calendar of PyCon China 2018 about the 5
city on the pycon.org. Please add me to the group that I will update the
mail list to you after the conference, in time.

The Schedule of the City in China,

Beijing  *2018.10.14*

Shanghai *2018.10.21*

Shenzhen of Guangdong  *2018.10.21*

ChengDu of Sichuan *2018.10.14*

Hangzhou of Zhejiang *2018.11.04*

And we will update the page of *cn.pycon.org <http://cn.pycon.org>*  this

More and more Chinese Pythoneers hope to have the opportunities to
exchanges and learning with the Pythoneers from other countries and regions
outside of China. Then promote Python to other developers, students,
children, and people who are interested in high-tech development in China.

We sincerely hope that  Pythoneers who want to sharing in China could come
to Beijing in 14th,October .

If you have any question, Please feel free let me know. Thank you.

Look forward to reply.

Best Wish!

Cynthia Xin ( 辛庆 )

Organizer of PyCon China & CPyUG

E-Mail: cynthiaxin1 at gmail.com

Photo: +86 185 1609 4658
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