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Richard Kellner richard.kellner at pycon.sk
Thu Jan 9 11:49:53 EST 2020

PyCon Slovakia 2020

PyCon Slovakia, the annual gathering for the Python community, is back and
once again will take place in Bratislava. We have already announced the
first speakers on our website <https://2020.pycon.sk/en/> and many more
names are to be announced after the Call for Proposals
<https://2020.pycon.sk/en/cfp.html> ends.

Speak at PyCon Slovakia 2020!

The Call For Proposals <https://2020.pycon.sk/en/cfp.html> is open! If
you've done something that you think other people might be interested in,
or that you think they should know about, please do consider telling us
about it. We don't just want to hear from the experts or famous names -
other perspectives are just as valuable, so don't let the idea that you're
not expert or famous enough stop you. This is your invitation to submit a
talk proposal if you haven't spoken at the conference before. First-time
speakers talk proposals are welcomed.
Submit your talk/workshop proposal <https://2020.pycon.sk/en/cfp.html>


* Richard von KellnerPyCon SK Chair & Non-profit Coordinator & Lecturer*

SPy o.z. - Slovak Python User Group
*e:* richard.kellner at pycon.sk | *w:* www.pycon.sk
*p:*+421 948 101 676 <+421948101676>

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