[Conferences] PyCon KR 2020 is looking for Speakers

Kwon-Han Bae darjeeling at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 07:30:12 EDT 2020

PyCon KR 2020 is going online.
We are looking for session & keynote speakers.

Speakers' presentation video will be released on YouTube.
PyCon Schedule : 26th September (Sat) - 27th September (Sun)
CFP Schedule : Until 23:59 7th July 2020 KST (Tue)
PyCon KR 2020 Slogan : "We are Pythonistas"

We'll use youtube premire with caption and translation.
So your language does not matter. ( send us with your script )
We'll translate and publish, but need to follow these guideline.
- CoC (https://pycon.kr/en/2020/about/coc/)
- If you are presented other place, let us know.
Apply : https://pycon.kr/en/2020/program/cfp/propose/
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