[Conferences] PyCon Taiwan 2021: Call for Proposals is now Open

柯彣樺 winniepopu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 11:30:51 EST 2021

Dear all,

This is Winnie from PyCon Taiwan. We will hold PyCon Taiwan 2021 on August
20-22 this year in Taipei and are looking for talk proposals. We accept
talks lasting either 15, 30 or 45 minutes and tutorials lasting 1.5 hours.
All topics are welcome.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, PyCon Taiwan 2021 will be run in a
“hybrid way.” As speakers, you can choose either to present remotely or
in-person. Our online attendees, including online speakers, can also join
our discord to interact with others and watch talks via live stream. Unlike
a pure online event, you’ll see and interact with your audience in the
venue. This is a positive feedback
<https://twitter.com/mariatta/status/1302081926547660800?s=20> from our
keynote speaker last year. On top of our semi-hybrid experience, we’ll try
our best to make attending online as fun as attending in-person.

Talks & Tutorial CFP ends: Apr 26, 23:59:59 (AoE

For more information about our conference, visit
https://tw.pycon.org/speaking/cfp <https://tw.pycon.org/speaking/cfp>

This slide briefs how CFP works in PyCon Taiwan and what fun is expected.

Please forward this Call for Proposals to anyone that you feel may be

We're looking forward to your present :)

Best regards,


PyCon Taiwan 2021 Program Chair
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