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Mon Nov 8 07:15:32 EST 2021

To all students, researchers, and science fans, 

At the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL), we are organizing the fourth edition of Brainhack Donostia ( [ https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/ | https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/ ] ), an event focused on neuroscience and the promotion of open-source resources in an accessible way across disciplines and experience levels. 

This year’s edition will take place from November 22 to November 24, 2021 online. During the three-day online workshop, there will be a hackathon in which you can propose, develop and collaborate on neuroscience-related projects (e.g., data acquisition, visualization, etc.). Being the hackathon the core of the event, all participants are expected to take part in at least one project. Check the project page for more info: [ https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/projects/ | https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/projects/ ] . Also, you will be able to attend the keynote lectures of our eminent invited speakers. They will share their experience on state-of-the-art methods, good practices in science and current hot topics in research. To know more about the talks, check the schedule here: [ https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/schedule/ | https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/schedule/ ] . Follow us on Twitter ( [ https://twitter.com/bhdonostia?lang=en | @BHDonostia ] ) to stay updated. 

Please visit [ https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/registration/ | https://brainhack-donostia.github.io/registration/ ] to register. This year’s registration is free! 

Feel free to spread the wor d among those who could be potentially interested in this event. Sharing is caring! 

For any inquiries, please email us at info.bhg-donostia at bcbl.eu . 

Looking forward to meeting you in November! 

Brainhack Donostia Organising Team 
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