[core-workflow] Help needed: adding GitHub usernames to bugs.python.org

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Feb 5 21:01:57 EST 2016


In order for the CLA bot to work, I need people to be able to add their
GitHub usernames to their bugs.python.org profile. I also need some API(s)
that I can hit from the bot that lets me pass in a GitHub username -- or
names, since there can be more than one, but I'm also fine making multiple
individual requests instead of multiple names in a single request -- and
get back some kind of signed/not signed/no GitHub username response (can
even be GitHub username -> b.p.o username in one call and then b.p.o CLA
status as another if that's easier).

I'm not sure if Ezio was planning to own this or not, so I'm asking if
anyone wants to take this on or help Ezio with the work if he does want to
lead it (or R. David if he wants to lead it).
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